Meat Bun: Steamy Hot Game Shirts + Mike

Instead of doing extra posts on Kotaku about important things, Mike McWhertor has been squandering his valuable time creating his own company, Meat Bun. Combining his love of T-shirts and video games, Mike foolishly went into business with friend and Pikachu belly enthusiast Scott Spatola, creating a line of game-themed tees. He's been wearing them at events and TV appearances all year, cruelly teasing that they'd be coming any day now.

Any day now... any day now. But finally, they're here. Go check out the Meat Bun store and give him some money so he forgets about that nasty "raise" business.

Meat Bun


    Finally I can wear the shirt McWhertor had on GameTrailers, I mean that in a non-creepy way of course...

    I get all my video game clothing from

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