Meet The Boy Scrubbing Game's Female Producer

2008-03-04-500.jpg Remember Duel Love? That female-geared DS game that has players whip the sweat off fetching young males. It's a Japanese dating game that centres around a school's secret fight club. Players "help" the fighters by wiping off sweat, treating injuries or giving "massages". The game's out this month, and that's the game's producer decked out in Duel Love gear. Here's what she says about her boy sweat scrubbing game:

Spring's in bloom! The season of love has arrived. Now, people want to fall in love, some people are tired of love, other want to forget it. Wouldn't you like to start fresh with Duel Love's Passion Mode? If lovey-dovey couples can play together, it'll be no accident that they get aroused!

Hit the jump for a picture of this saucy female game producer.

She really has a beautiful mosaic. Check out the game's trailer below.

Duel Love [Akiba Blog]


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