Metal Gear Solid Movie May Have A Director is reporting that site reps recently spoke to Metal Gear Solid movie producer Michael De Luca who dropped word on a possible scriptwriter and director. That name was Kurt Wimmer, whose directing credits include sci-fi action fodder like Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. Wimmer has penned script adaptations for films such as Sphere and The Thomas Crown Affair. Excited yet?

De Luca, whose 21 is debuting in theatres this weekend, is responsible for overseeing numerous big budget projects, including Ghost Rider, Zathura and S1M0NE. Not exactly a dream team, but we hope with Hideo Kojima executive producing the Metal Gear movie, he'll be able to salvage something from it.

At least it's not Uwe? Right? Umm... right?

EXCL: Kurt Wimmer Adapting Metal Gear Solid? [Coming Soon]


    Sweet Lord just cancel the whole damn thing. Kojima, if you aren't going to take this seriously then I'm out of here.

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