Microsoft: 42% Of Your Next-gen Monies Are Belong To Us

Microsoft's VP of Interactive Entertainment for Europe Chris Lewis whipped out the PR rod today, boasting of a few new and carefully chosen figures in the typical marketing fashion. According to Lewis, Microsoft has snatched up "42 per cent revenue share of next gen-games market", factoring in hardware, software and accessories. That figure also includes Live subscription fees and accessories fortunately not available on other consoles—good for revenue showboating, but not so much for apples-to-apples dick waving contests.

In addition to that 42% slice of the "next gen" revenue pie, Microsoft says that the install base for 360s is at 17.7 million, a figure it actually announced back in January. We await the exciting counter-statements from Sony and Nintendo, who will hopefully give us "4D games revenue" and "new gen games revenue" with a little "game 3.0" and "blue ocean market segmentation" thrown in.

Microsoft: We own 42% of all next-gen revenues [MCV]


    Shouldn't the graphic be around the other way? 42% is LESS THAN half.

    I thought the very same thing Gelatine Cow ?!?!?

    And I'm kind of over all this "dick waving" as it was put.. I mean, the Xbox brand has come out of nowhere, and really driven forward the whole console gaming market, with Sony and Nintendo's help of course. What I mean to say is that all the healthy competition has been a wonderful thing for us gamers.

    The fact that MS actually, generally seem to be doing something right (RRoD no withstanding), and Sony have had nothing but major fuck-up after major fuck-up for years.. well I think it's taking some people some time to get used to.

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