Microsoft Double Fixes Erased Xbox 360 Memories

Turns out that poor sap who had his Xbox 360 viciously cleaned during a routine repair might now perceive that horrible incident as the best thing that's ever happened to him. In addition to an over the top make-good package from the boys at Bungie, Microsoft has heeded the call for reparations, shipping off a handsomely worthwhile package to Nathan, victim of a wild rag-man.

His prize? A personally signed photo of Bill Gates, who also lent his signature to an Xbox 360 faceplate. Oh, sure, Nate also got a new console and hundreds of dollars in brand spanking new video games, but a signed picture of Bill? I'd be hocking that free copy of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom for a bulletproof picture frame, right quick.

More details at your home for all things related to Xbox 360 cleaning, Hawty McBloggy.

Microsoft Finally Makes Things Right [Hawty McBloggy]


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