Microsoft Expecting Low 360 Sales In Feb, March

In January, the PS3 outsold the 360, and the sky proceeded to fall in (at least, it did for 360 fanboys). Will the same thing happen in February? Probably, if comments today by Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg are anything to go by. Speaking with Reuters about their current sales and supply situation, Greenberg said:

We definitely expect we will trail in February as a result of our supply constraints. By April, we will be in a very healthy inventory situation.

In other words, PS3, you'll probably pick up the "not-counting-Nintendo-consoles" first prize not just for February, but March as well. Do try and look surprised when the NDP numbers hit, though. Wouldn't want to take anything away from the spectacle of NPD numbers day.
Microsoft says no Blu-ray for Xbox 360 [Reuters]


    This is not about shortage, this is about ps3 momentum. Just remember what EA predicted, PS3 will outsell 360 in 2008. I work in a store and most of the time there are 360s, but people aren't buying it very often. This is a economy matter too. Most of all want blu-ray (HD) but we also want a gaming machine, PS2 have both. OK, you will say "Digital movie download is the future" Just tell me how many HD movie will you save in your 20GB 360? You may need an Elite just to save couple of movie.

    My laptop has 240GB and it is full with just a few DVD.

    3 more years to 360. By 2010 there will be another 360.

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