Microsoft Fine WIth User-Generated Master Chief on PS3

When fans built a Master Chief model for Unreal Tournament 3 (playable on the PlayStation 3), some of us giggled. Others of us, including Business Week, didn't think that Microsoft would be too happy. Now Microsoft attorney Don McGowan is speaking up on his blog to address the situation.

Actually it's nothing more than the Game Content Usage action. When these were developed, people all thought they were focused on machinima. The truth is that while they do address machinima they also allow for a lot of other things. Mods like this are one of them.

He continues...making things a little more personal:

The developers aren't selling the mod, they're not monetising Microsoft's IP, they're just creating something to share their love of the Master Chief on a new platform...And no one is taking characters from PlayStation games (do they even have any games?) and putting them on our platform...

Ooh, but can a Microsoft employee say such things about the PlaySation brand?? Sony won't allow this at all!

Everyone and their mother is totally getting sued and it's gonna be awesome.

Master Chief on PlayStation? Yep, we know... [DonkeyXote via Maxconsole]


    i don't recall master chief being trained and tested on in a place with rusted pipes and when did master chief not including halo 1 but when did it get so green thee is no battle damage on him but not a big deal other then that good job (i am a big halo fan)

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