Microsoft Looking At Blu-ray For Xbox 360? (Yes, This Again.)

According to a report from the Financial Times, citing a senior executive at Sony, Microsoft is looking to bring Blu-ray playback to the Xbox 360. Whether that would mean an external player, a la the discontinued HD-DVD add-on, or an internal player isn't yet known, but the Times article seems to lean more toward a top-tier, Elite-plus model at a higher price.

While Sony brass may have spilled the beans on a possible 360 revision, Microsoft reps were quick to place doubt on the report. Next-Gen quotes a Microsoft spokesperson as saying "There are no plans to introduce Blu-ray" today, instead reiterating the company's focus on games. Someone's not being truthful here about Blu-ray playback. And if we can't trust high level Sony executives or PR representatives, who can we trust?

Sony, Microsoft discuss Blu-ray for Xbox 360 [Financial Times]
Microsoft Downplays Blu 360 Talk [Next-Gen]


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