Miller, Barlog Working On Mad Max Game

Miller, Barlog Working On Mad Max Game

Australian director George Miller has teamed up with former God of War II director Cory Barlog. Which explains where Cory got to. Obviously, they’re going to be working together on games based on movies. Their first project? Sadly, it’s not a Babe MMO, nor is it a collection of Happy Feet mini-games for the Wii. It’s Mad Max. Yeah. Mad Max. Miller’s had a fourth Mad Max film – “Fury Road” – in the pipeline for a while now, and thinks that working with Barlog from such an early stage in the film’s development will result in a kick-arse tie-in. Indeed, so close are the film and game that pre-production on the film’s been delayed so that both the film and the game’s development cycles are “in sync”.

While Miller's been working on the film, Barlog's been responsible for coming up with a "script" for the game, using the same resources and material as the film crew have had access to. Once he's done, Miller says they'll be doing something not that common in the games industry: they'll workshop the story. The film guys, the game guys, they'll chew through the title's outline and collaboratively brainstorm. Miller says of this breaking down of traditional borers on a movie project:

My expertise is in cinema, but it's about seeing where those disciplines overlap and bringing people together--by workshopping or whatever you want to call it--bringing together all these disciplines and basically telling the story of the same characters and the same world, but putting them out in all these different platforms. Does that make sense?

I see myself not so much as a filmmaker but as a storyteller. If I'm a storyteller first and a filmmaker second, then all of this other stuff is a legitimate part of telling the story. So that's how I'm seeing it. And my job--my specific job is to tell the story through film; at the same time it's someone like Corey's job to tell the story through the game. But there's a cohesion between the two.

Rest of the interview's definitely worth a read, especially if you're interested in finding out the chances of Mel Gibson reprising his role for the upcoming movie...
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