Miyamoto Signed Super Famicom Going For $US 1,475 On eBay

Here's a funny story. I was at this same Nintendo World Store signing event with Shigeru Miyamoto as "press" and had the man sign my own game device, a Nintendo DS. For some reason, and against the advice of my co-worker who also attended, I continued to play that DS until the signature had completely worn off, rendering it not only devoid of novelty, but collector value as well. Wait, here's the funny part. Nathan Smart of The Game Rag fame has decided to clear up some space by selling his Super Famicom, along with a few games, with Mr. Miyamoto's signature. It's currently going for $US 1475 at time of publish.

Ha ha ha! Just imagine if I'd say, set aside that Nintendo DS until the Lite had appeared or simply shelled out $US 150 for a back up. Regardless of the profit I could make, it wouldn't be worth the hilarious story of me flushing money down the drain.

For an even better tale of throwing away money, remind me sometime to spin you the yarn of placing my Game Boy Advance in the garbage as a joke, then forgetting to remove it before the janitorial service disposed of it. It's a sidesplitter!

Shigeru Miyamoto Signed Super Famicom + Games [eBay via The BBPS]


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