Molyneux Talks New Syndicate

Oh, Peter, you're such a tease. I know that, deep down, you're probably never going to make another Syndicate. But you know that just speaking of the possibility of another one is enough to get people interested, and you know what? Success. I'm interested.

I really would love to redo a version of Syndicate. Syndicate was probably one of my favourites

. A PC-only Syndicate with customisable agents, real-time world map and swish new graphics...see, Peter, see what you've done? You've got me dreaming again, and these dreams always end in tears and bitter disappointment. Thanks a lot.
Peter Molyneux Talks Possible Syndicate Revival [Shacknews]


    Awesome idea. Ive been wondering if they would do it, with all the remakes and sequels around. Syndicate was a really original game and is screaming to be remade. Count me in,

    Ahh Running around with the Persuadertron, good memories of a great game. This is one old franchise that deserves a rebirth.

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