Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Sold Over 650,000

According to early sales figures, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G did monster business, selling over 670,000 copies in Japan at launch. That means the sequel out sold the original Monster Hunter Portable, which moved 512,000 copies at launch (497,000 individual copies, plus 15,000 bundles). The breakdown this time around is apparently 652,000 copies of the game and 17,000 PSP game bundles. We'll get official sales data later in the week, but with MHP 2nd G sold out at pretty much every store I've been to, willing to bet these early numbers are pretty accurate.
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G [Sinobi Kore Enmachou][Pic]


    You know maybe it would be more popular over hear if it didn't suck so much.

    Offline mmo= no such a good idea

    im in the UAE and im a Filipino, me and my friends were playing MHF2 and we all got adicted, now i have this 2nd G ang shared it with them and im excited to face new monsters and journey new maps!!! GO Monster Hunters!!!!

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