Moore: EA Sports Developing Eight Wii Titles

It looks like Peter Moore likes to sneak tidbits of news into his weekly updates on occasion. Last week in his March 14 update he mentioned that he had just come from a planning meeting and that Electronic Arts Sports is now working on eight games for the Wii:

I've seen speculation the past few days about the comments we've made recently about new IP coming this year from EA SPORTS. While we're still a couple of months away from any official new game announcements, I'm encouraged by the interest and excitement. As I've said many times over the past few months, as EA SPORTS looks to expand our brand and capture new audiences, developing new intellectual property - such as FaceBreaker and future unlicensed titles - will be a key component of that strategy. As an extension to those comments, and coming fresh out of our sku plan reviews of last week, I can tell you we now have EIGHT titles in development for the Wii, testament both to the global impact of that console currently in the global marketplace, as well as to our desire to attract more consumers to experience EA SPORTS games, no matter their experience playing games nor their prowess with a traditional controller.

Now, how many of those do you think are unannounced titles?

March 14th [Peter Moore's Blog, via GameTrailers]


    Is the dream of wii cricket still alive!

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