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More Imported SSBB Love: Just a quick one to let Victorians know that Tunzagames in Shepparton and Game Mania in Ringwood both have stock of the NTSC Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Tunzagames is expecting a shipment of Freeloader discs by March 25, while Game Mania has them now and is selling them for $40. Gametraders in Marion, SA also has SSBB and Freeloader discs.


  • Also, theres Dungeon Crawl on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. The guy working there said they should get SSBB/Freeloader bundles this week so this means that my mates wont have to travel all the way to Ringwood to get their Brawl on (I’m just going to hold out altogether on the game for a while)

  • Oh snap. Never thought I’d see sheppo mentioned on here. Nor should it be. Silly town.

    Still, makes me wonder who the local tipster is…

  • Wow. AGAIN, I was in this store today (Game Mania). They’ve always had a wide selection of stuff, it’s pretty good. I almost rented FFVII from there. (I know, I fail at life, I haven’t played it yet.)

    Tip: If you want to rent a game from there, bring a credit card. Grr. Thought I must say, this is my only gripe with the store (other than high prices, but they’re better than most of the stores – it’s just the whole Australia-takes-it-up-the-ass-from-publishers thing. And at least they import SOME stuff.)

    Good work, Game Mania! This is a good step.

  • Game Mania has them in stock now? I must be missing something, i called the shop on saturday and they said they were still waiting for shipments of the freeloader?

    And I can’t even get in touch with the guys at Dungeon Crawl – although, they did get Brawl in yesterday according to their Ebay page, so would this imply they have the freeloader in? :S

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