More On Machinarium

Loads of you seemed to dig Machinarium when we posted some stuff on it the other day, which is great. So here's some more. Hope you like it. The story revolves around a cute little unnamed robot, who's thrown out of his robot town, then has to stop an evil brotherhood from blowing up the leader of the town, all the while trying to rescue his girl-robot-friend. Gameplay-wise it'll be a textbook point-and-clicker, same as Samorost, although developer Jakub Dvorský says it'll be bigger and "much more complex". Oh, and yes, like I said last time, those screens are real: the entire game, animation included, is hand-drawn (new screen above). Loads more info, like what inspired the game, how it'll differ from Samorost and what else the Amanita Design team are up to, is at the link below.
Interview: Samorost Developer Jakub Dvorsky [IndieGames]


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