More Oz Gaming Bargains, Because We Can

More Oz Gaming Bargains, Because We Can
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Bargains are sexy. Which by proxy, makes Anthony over at EcoGamer darn hot also. He’s put together another list of gaming deals especially for us. Thanks again!

If you feel like saving some cash while you spend big on your next lot of gaming purchases, just hit the jump!

First of all is Kmart’s 20% off all games sale and the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack is now free to download. EB Games 2 for $50 sale is still going and there are HDDVD fire sales at EzyDVD and DVD Crave.

– Skate for Xbox 360 and PS3 $49.95 at Target
– Orange Box for Xbox 360 and PS3 $68 at Harvey Norman
– Stuntman, Virtua Fighter 5, Conan, Jericho, The Darkness, FEAR and more PS3 games $50 at Big W
– GTA, Burnout, Killzone, Ratchet & Clank and more PSP games $20
– PSP Lite and God of War $288 at Big W
– Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox 360 bundle $128 at Big W
– Table Tennis, Burnout Revenge, Stuntman, Conan, Crackdown and more $40 at Big W
– Tomb Raider Legend, Saints Row, Enchanted Arms, Kameo and more $28.84 at Big W
– Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2 $40 at Dick Smith Electronics
– Xbox Live starter kit $68.84 at Big W
– Xbox 360 Pro $498 at Big W
– Guitar Hero 3 double pack for Wii $148 at Big W
– Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, Mario Strikers, Nitro Bike and more $40 at Big W
– Nintendogs line, DS Training line and more $48 for two at Big W
– Hotel Dusk and Starfox Command $40 at Myer
– Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Animal Crossing $34.95 at Target
– Huge list of PS2 games $19 each at Big W
– F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and Vampires: The Masquerade $10 at Dick Smith Electronics
– EA Classics PC line $8.89 each at Big W
– 10% off Epic Games games on STEAM


  • You are only a week late for the Unreal sale on Steam. That ended early this week. I’m glad I got the pack cheap while I could 🙂

  • SCARED: Oops, I thought that was still on.

    BumblyBee from Ecogamer pointed out that the Logitech Momo Steering Wheel is at Dick Smith for $98, which is nearly half RRP.

    Logan, as always Im grateful you put these up. Thanks again for the link!

  • Thanks Logan, keep the bargains coming. Ebay is good also just imported COD4 and PGR4 for $140.00 Incl postage from HK it only took 7 days to deliver.

  • Looking at the Big W catalougue they hace some awesome deals like paper mario and other wii games only $40 seems like they are trying to take JB HI FI on.

  • Kmart has a big sale on this Thursday as well with many prices matching or beating the Big W prices. Steal your neighbours junk mail.

    Also if you live in Perth and have been desperately trying to pre-order the GTA IV Limited Edition, Game Traders in Carillion Arcade has a few left (xbox only) and for the preorder special of $129.95. Bargain considering every where else in Perth seems to be sold out of the LE preorders.

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