More Persona 4 Goodness - Character Trailers

The rabid fan following Persona 3 drummed up has gotten Atlus asset crazy for the next installment of the RPG series. Here's a series of three character introduction clips meant to familiarize you with some of the new faces you'll be seeing in Persona 4. Of course it's all in Japanese but I'm sure we've got someone in the Kotakuite stable willing to translate any pertinent info for us in the comment section, if only to show us how completely awesome they are. This guy here seems to have issues with bike riding.

UPDATE: The host site is suffering some technical difficulties. Should be back soon.

And just about everything else. Poor guy. And then, when everything looked like PlayStation 2 graphics, everyone got hit by an animated cutscene!

If only there was a pill that taught you Japanese. *sighs*

Persona 4 Character Trailers [Gemega]


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