Mortal Kombat Murder A Misnomer

Some may remember the horrific murder of a seven-year-old girl last December. Supposedly, her death was caused by the girl's 16-year-old babysitter, Heather Trujillio, and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Lamar Roberts, when they acted out "Mortal Kombat style" fighting moves on her after having played the game, eventually killing her. Now, a statement from Garcia's aunt and former stepmother has suggested that video games had very little to do with the death, and it was the negative influence of Roberts that led her to commit such a heinous crime:

Both Henry and Southern said Trujillo was never violent toward their children, and they never saw her use any Mortal Kombat moves. Southern said she thinks Roberts made up the Mortal Kombat story to look tough. "Lamar changed her. He was a thief and not a very good person," Southern said.

While the Mortal Kombat angle seems to stem from early comments made by Roberts to the police, the prosecutor of the case referred once again to the video game angle on Friday at the preliminary hearing, saying that the pair caused the injuries with "Mortal Kombat".

Is Brutal "Mortal Kombat Murder" Lacking the Mortal Kombat Part? [Game Politics]


    Just as it's not fair to blame video games for violent acts, it's not fair to blame one person for another's violent acts. This was the fault of noone but the criminals, and they should pay the price. He was responsible for his actions, and she was responsible for hers.

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