MTV Are Hungry Like The Wolf (For Developers)

What, buying Harmonix and hooking up with Jerry Bruckheimer aren't enough for you, MTV, you've gotta go looking for more dev studios to buy-up? Fine. It's your money. You do what you want with it. MTV Networks' Mika Salmi has told MCV that while they're deliriously happy with how the Harmonix deal's worked out, it's probably just the start of a long, serious move into games publishing:

We haven't pulled the trigger on any deal, but we're looking at things all the time. We're definitely open to it, and the kind of consumer that we focus on. If it works with our family, music and games brand value and comes at the right price, we'd definitely be excited about it.

Does the world really need another big publisher? If you're interested in somebody eating away at EA and Activision's market share - or at least keeping them on their toes - your answer should probably be "yes".


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