My Shin-Ra Electric Power Company ID Card

As you might have read earlier, I attended last night's launch of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII at Sony's Metreon Centre in SF. While the lucky first hundred people got T-shirts, and some even won some great raffle prizes, anyone was allowed to go up and get their complimentary Shin-Ra Electric Power Company ID card. Being firmly in the "anyone" crowd, I stepped up to claim what will sure to be a valuable money maker on eBay some day. They snapped a quick photo and then we got to wait about twenty minutes while the thing processed and Voila... we were presented with our nifty prize in a little labelled envelope. As you can tell from my photo, I am an employee not to be trifled with.



    Why oh why do I live in Australia...?? The country that seems to hate games and anyone interested in them... *sob*

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