N+ Developers Talk "Shit" On Xbox Live Arcade

We may know who that "anonymous" developer, the one who recently said that Xbox Live Arcade was "full of shit," is now. The frequent poo talk from a recently published Gamasutra interview from the N+ developers, who are surprisingly frank about their experience with Microsoft and the Live Arcade certification process, makes us suspect that they could be the ones (if not one of many) unhappy with what's available on the service.

N creator Raigan Burns says "When we started out, we were excited, just like with N. There were 30 games on Live Arcade. If N was one of them, it would stand out. Now there's like a hundred games, and they're all shit." Harsh? Maybe not, considering the existence of offerings like Yaris, Street Trace: NYC and Word Puzzle, according to the N+ crew.

One has to wonder, though, if the alternatives, given the time to age like Live Arcade has, will be any better.

N+: Beyond The Postmortem [Gamasutra]


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