N+ Devs Clear Up Live Arcade Shit Talk

The guys at Metanet are begging the internet to stop, they want to get off. After comments from a Game Developers Conference interview with Gamasutra made their way online, comments that slammed the crap, shit and liquid feces clogging the plumbing that is Xbox Live Arcade, people got various things bunched up, rubbed raw and in a tizzy. The N+ team wants to couch those complaints, writing on their official blog, "We didn't intend to provoke outrage, we simply spoke candidly". Add to that some tenderness about royalties being cut for Live Arcade development and people can get understandably testy.

Their honesty about the majority of XBLA titles being crap—and they are—is something, it seems, everyone but the fanboys can agree upon.

The Metanet guys explain further "As gamers it was unbelievably depressing for us to try literally 80 games and enjoy less than 8 of them", writing that with Arcade's gems few and far between, we're "back in retail-land" where crap outnumbers quality. Compound that with the frustration of having your clever little multiplayer racer shrugged off and "shit" starts to make sense.

It's a very sound argument, one that can't be done justice with pullquotes and headlines. Read it. However, despite how reasonable their argument is, I would hope that people pay more attention to their gut reaction, instead of one that's planned and edited, because they're right and refreshingly honest. Yes, I know we're dealing with The Internet and its people, but we should be encouraging open talk and frank opinions like these.

Wait a second. Just read that they think Super Stardust HD is "pretty crap". Fuck these guys and their stupid jumping game!

In Defence of the Apparant Shitstorm [Metanet]


    "Their honesty about the majority of XBLA titles being crap—and they are—is something, it seems, everyone but the fanboys can agree upon."


    I am a fanboy and I agree with them. Especially when I got my Xbox 360 I booted it up to find some little presents on the hard-drive in the form of Xbox Live Arcade demos. Presents the like of which I can only describe as the kind your room-mate leaves in the toilet, doesn't tell you about, masks the smell of, so that you remain completely unaware of the existence of these little gifts, only to go and lift the lid and WHAM! WHAT HORRID STENCH!?!

    A few XBLA games are good, I am looking forward to Braid, but the amount of s*** that exit's only to generate cash ruins the whole thing. The little parable I told you just now, about room-mates leaving gifts; is a parable that presents itself as a more enjoyable experience than trudging through XBLA to find a decent f**king game.

    I need a DS.

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