NCsoft Readies Two More Unreal MMOs

NCsoft loves Epic's Unreal Engine, but then again who doesn't (hush Silicon Knights)? After successfully implemented the last version of the engine in Lineage 2 and the forthcoming Exteel, NCsoft is making the jump to next-gen, licensing the Unreal Engine 3 for two unannounced MMO projects.

"Unreal Engine 3 has a well structured rendering pipeline, and its graphical quality is superb thanks to advanced lighting and shadowing systems," said Young-muk Choi, lead programmer, Development Unit, NCsoft. "Tools within the Unreal Editor empower us to instantly produce and optimise our outputs, and we especially love how the engine enables designers to easily prototype concepts without the need for programming."

Hopefully UE3 will also be able to help them make a game that doesn't fail miserably.


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