Neil McFarland on Wipeout Pure's Omega Pack

GameSetWatch has a fun interview up with Neil McFarland, creator of the "Paris Hair" WipeOut Pure Omega Pack track seen above. As one commenter noted, "...I think I got some sort of contact high from reading this." It's an interesting chat about aesthetics, level design, what McFarland would do if turned loose on Half-Life, and why DLC can give more to the industry than many people think:

'I'd like to think that [my track]is as far from the established aesthetic of WipeOut as is possible, and that it evokes the spirit of my own work,' says Neil.

'For the gamer, I hope it's a track that's fun to play, surprising, and at times distracting to fly through. I want people to feel that they have entered into a lysergic fun fair and that [my art]has added a whole new atmosphere to this terrific game.

You can find videos of the other 3 tracks included in the Omega Pack over at YouTube; the interview is definitely worth a read through, if for its 'My, that was trippy' value alone.

'Jump Button': Future Hairy Racers, Neil McFarland [GameSetWatch]


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