Neon Xbox 360 Arcade Controller

If you're going to go to the trouble of getting an old-school arcade controller for your Xbox 360 it might as well have neon in it right? Right? ShaolinDrunkard, built just such a beast. His hand-built arcade controller uses parts from Sanwa and Seimitsu and then knocks things straight back to 1977 with LED backlighting behind each button and the knob. The whole thing is housed in a chunky oak box that screams arcade culture.

the ultimate xbox 360 arcade controller [Technabob, via Gizmodo]


    Very nice. I kept breaking sticks because the drill bit I used to hollow out the stick for the LED and wires was slightly too big. :p

    It would work fine for a few hours then... SNAP!

    I need to build a new arcade stick for when SFIV comes out.

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