New Warlock Ability For World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Revealed?

New Warlock Ability For World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Revealed?
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I know there are quite a few of you out there desperate for any news on Blizzard’s upcoming patches and expansions for World of Warcraft, so here are the details of a possible new ability for warlock characters that designer Tom Chilton (otherwise known as “Kalgan” in Middle-Earth) let slip on the game’s forums:

For example, an idea we’re running with internally is the concept of a warlock being able to cast a spell that places a circle of demonic power on the ground. The warlock would be able to teleport to this location from within a relatively short range (ie: 40 yards), and would also be able to summon demons more quickly if they’re standing within the circle.

Chilton goes on to say that it’s being considered for WotLK, and not the 2.4 patch currently being tested.

Is this good? Bad? Are warlocks just male witches? You be the judge.

Kalgan hates you all now. [World of Warcraft forums]


  • I think this a good idea, allowing a warlock to inscribe a demonic circle in the ground, allowing the warlock to teleport, as well as summon demons better, while standing in it, makes playing more fun, and more realistic. I also think that warlocks should not have to have reagents such as the infernal stone, to summon infernals, or demonic figurines for summoning doomguards, because it should just use a soul shard, or more than one, and have a cooldown. It would also be more fun, if there were ways to reduce cooldowns on things such as summonings for doomguards, and infernals, and allow the same thing for other classes, e-mail me back with your opinion at [email protected], or the e-mail i sent you

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