N-Gage Aren't Scared Of The PlayStation Phone

The last two N-Gages were a mess. And that's being kind. The third, a software platform that will feature across a number of Nokia handsets, is more promising, but still far from a proven concept. So are Nokia worried that Sony are looking more and more likely to enter the mobile gaming market and walk all over them? No. No they are not. Nokia games boss Jaakko Kaidesoja:

I'm not scared about anybody. The real question is how do they [Sony Ericsson]do it? Can they create a link between the PSP games and a phone? Can they do the multiplayer and online stuff? We've been doing this for two years and it hasn't been easy.

No, it hasn't been easy! Then again, maybe you just weren't doing it right...
N-Gage boss: 'We're not scared of the PlayStation phone' [Pocketgamer][Pic]


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