Nintendo Still Hates The Environment

Tisk, tisk, Nintendo. You've done and pissed off the treehuggers again. Last year, Greenpeace released its sixth "Guide to Greener Electronics", which grades electronics makers on how environmentally sound their manufacturing and recycling processes are. It was the first time game consoles were included. Out of the three console companies, Sony came out on top with a 7.3/10 score. Microsoft posted a laughable 2.7/10. Ha. Ha. Ha. Nintendo was the absolute lowest with a 0/10. A first for the Greenpeace guide. Congrats, Nintendo.

Several months have passed, and the seventh version has been released. Sony still clocks in at 7.3/10, but has more products that are toxic PVC free and has improved its recycling and takeback of electronics. Microsoft has jumped up to 4.7/10 and has an improved timeline for toxic chemicals elimination. The company's takeback policy is still lacking, though. And Nintendo? The company now scores 0.3/10. Says Greenpeace, "Tiny improvement but still way behind". Hey Greenpeace, Nintendo doesn't have time for all this environmental crap! Too busy making buckets of money.
March 2008 Version [Greenpeace Thanks Bert!]


    Global warming is a very real thing. I heard that we are going into a hotter time now in the northern hemisphere that scientists refer to as "summer." Oh, the humanity! Then I hear that climate change will bring with it this horrible thing called "winter" in which everything will get really cold. All of this is all Nintendo's fault. If only MarioKart could have found a more temperate climate for all of us.

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