Nintendo Taught Me To Be "Anal"

For Nintendo, "okay" won't cut it. Its games have a spit-shine sheen, and everything is just so. You know, perfect. So when Dylan Cuthbert, honcho at Pixel Junk dev Q-Games, worked at Nintendo on the Star Fox series in the 90's, what did he learn? Cuthbert says:

The main thing I learned at Nintendo was that being "anal" is the most important asset a game creator needs to have. Mr. Miyamoto has the uncanny ability to spot the most minute detail in any game; just the odd pixel out of place and he will strike upon it like an eagle. So, although we are nowhere near that level yet, I am trying to guide everyone at Q to get good at "the details".

The other thing I learned from Nintendo, is learning to look at your game from a distance towards the end of development and decide what really needs to be done to make the game into a sell-able product. This is almost totally separate from the creative "game-making" process and most companies let their marketing departments do it which, in my opinion, is totally wrong.

Valuable lessons, indeed! If only more developers cut their teeth at Nintendo. If only...
Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert [Destructoid][Pic]


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