No Sweat! All The Big Hits Are Delayed

Silicon Knights' Too Human has been a long haul. Too long. The game was first shown at E3 in 1999 for the original PlayStation. Eons ago! The development dragged on for donkey's yonks, and the game switched to the GameCube. Later, Microsoft stepped in and partnered up with Dyack and co. to publish the game exclusively on the Xbox 360. All that, and Silicon Knights' head knight Denis Dyack isn't worried! Heck, this huge delay is a good sign. Says Dyack:

And what I think — it's really interesting, that I didn't know that, that all the major hits had been significantly delayed... Hopefully that will bode well for Too Human. In the end, we could only make the type of games that we're proud of making, and we just, from Silicon Knights' perspective, we will not give in to anything else. We just won't let it happen.

By that logic Duke Nukem Forever will be GOTC (Game of the Century.) Let's say that this-way-overdue-game flops. What does that mean for Silicon Knights?

Bad things. You know, I've got a sort of samurai mentality on some level. Just sort of the Bushido code. One of the main tenants is: Prepare yourself for death. And if you don't fear death, then you don't have to worry about it, you don't concentrate on it.

So I think with this industry, that's pretty important. You know, if I worried about dying every day, I'd be all-consumed. Because there are so many things, and so many problems that could occur. And I don't want to concentrate on that goal. I don't want to be distracted by some negative possibility when I can focus on the positive. So, yeah, it would be really, really bad, and in some sense... Would it kill us? I don't know. We'd probably recover.

This man is pure, uncut confidence. He's not just a game developer, he's a samurai, a bushi, with the bushido code. Watch out! Denis Dyack will cut you.
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