On the Future of Racing Games

Oh, the racing game: whither your future? NextGen rounded up some heavyweights of the genre to talk about the past, the present, and the future of racing games. Nigel Kershaw, game director at Evolution Studios, Gareth Wilson and Gerard Talbot, lead designers on the Project Gotham series, Guy Wilday, studio director at Sega Racing Studio, and Gavin Raeburn, executive producer on Codemasters' Dirt all sat down for a roundtable chat on the state of racing games. Operating on the premise that 'while other genres have rapidly evolved ... racers seem stuck in the same old routine of race upon tournament,' they get down to business:

Actually, I kind of fear for racing games in the future. Look at last year - there's been so many quality games that aren't racing games. Even me, as a racing game lover, there's a lot of good games I'd buy ahead of pretty much any of them, even though there's been quality there, too. I do worry that it might become an extremely niche area unless we work out a way of making it become more massmarket.

It's an interesting interview with several well-pedigreed people in the industry. Even if you're not a racing game fan, it's an enlightening look at one part of the industry that has traditionally been a staple, even if it's lost a lot of its luster these days.

Is Racing Gaming On Its Last Lap? [NextGen via RPS]


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