Onimusha Movie Delayed

Christophe Gans' Onimusha movie is in a spot of bother. It's been put on indefinite hold thanks to, of all things, the death of Heath Ledger, which impacted on the schedule of producer Samuel Hadida, who was due to work with Ledger on a new Terry Gilliam movie. Because that's been stopped, Hadida had to delay the filming of Onimusha, which has now thrown out the calendars of the film's Japanese cast, who are now all too busy working on other stuff to get started on Onimusha. Series fans not put off by either the prospect of an adaptation or the fact Gans was handling it will no doubt be crushed. If, you know. Those people exist.
ONIMUSHA delayed? What's Christophe Gans up to, then? [AICN]


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