Otaku "Singer" Flashes Akihabara

Every Sunday in Akihabara, it happens. Girls in maid outfits (and other costumes) sing, dance and stand in the Akiba streets and sidewalks. Some of them attract some crowds, some of them attract large crowds. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is starting to crackdown for "safety" reasons in accordance with traffic laws. "I have no real understanding of what standards they're using to drive the maids off the streets. I could understand if they were dressed in schoolgirls' swimsuits or costumes that flash a lot of skin, but maid outfits are nothing like that", says economic analyst and Akiba lover Takuro Morinaga. Thing is, it's not just maids.

Take this past weekend, for example. "Singer" and swimsuit model Asuka Sawamoto (link slightly NSFW) showed up in Akihabara, wearing a very short skirt and a pair of red underpants. Sawamoto proceeded to stand on the sidewalk and flash all of nerdom, which mobbed and took photo after photo. All this so Sawamoto could promote a live concert. Guess she succeeded! She also succeeded in giving the grounds for this police crackdown more weight. Good for her.

Hit the jump for the Dead Rising version of this pic that Luke was kind enough to PhotoShop for shits and giggles.

Maid Hunt in Tokyo [Mainichi via Dark Diamond]
Totally NSFW Pics Here [Akiba Blog]


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