Pachter: Nintendo Planning A Wii Fit-zkrieg

In a note to investors Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says that Nintendo of America is planning to pitch Wii Fit to American consumers with "the biggest marketing campaign in its history." We're pretty sure that means that you, core gamer, won't be able to go anywhere without being surrounded by Wii Fit and the millions of physically fit humans that will ultimately result from its success.

Pachter also projected that said campaign won't "disproportionately benefit GameStop", instead going after non-core gamers who more regularly shop at retail outlets like Best Buy and Target. Sounds like Pachter is also implying that the targeting of non-specialty merchants may have an impact on GameStop's hardware business, keeping the games retailer from enjoying the warm waters of the Blue Ocean.

Fortunately, Pach and crew predicts that the sea of yellow stickers on its used games will help see it through the rough waters of lesser Wii allocation.

Pachter: GameStop To Lose Ground To Target, Wal-Mart? [Gamasutra]


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