Pachter Rings True - 20GB Is Too Small

In reaction to the rumors spreading about a new Xbox 360 with a 60GB hard disk, super analyst Michael Pachter decided to take a break from using his immense powers of precognition to make a simple, obvious observation. 20GB is too small.

"I think the console [manufacturers]all misjudged the quantity of downloadable content and the opportunity to actually download meaningful content, and so what sounded like a good idea in 2003 or 2004 in the design stage with the 20GB hard drive on the 360 was just not sufficient. Frankly, the surprise to me is that the new SKU is [purportedly]60GB. I mean, I would think they'd introduce a 200GB or 500GB and eliminate the 20GB and make the 120GB the standard cheapie one.

Brilliant idea, Michael! The only problem of course is that using standard Microsoft pricing, a 500GB hard disk would cost a million dollars, give or take. Personally I'd rather they just let us use our own, but that's just me.

Pachter: 20GB Xbox 360 No Longer Sufficient [GameDaily]


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