PAL PlayStation Store Update

PAL PlayStation Store's been updated, as per usual. The good news? There's an honest-to-goodness PSN game up for download. Which is Pain. The bad news? Aside from that, the update's its usual barren, no-Rock-Band-DLC self, with a bunch of Pain content padding out the list and helping obscure a woefully-expensive Stranglehold map pack, which clocks in at a whopping £10. As for the PSP store, there's a Flatout demo and not much else if you're at all interested. Full list of updates follows.


PSN Game - Pain
DLC - Pain: Scurv Dogg Pack, Muffy Pack, Santa Pack, Hung Lo Pack, Ginger Pack, Cookie pack, Fun With Explosives Pack. Also the Stranglehold Map Pack
Video - Motorstorm 2 trailer


Demo - Flatout Head On
Wallpapers - 4x Warriors Orochi


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