Paramount Keen On Entering The Games Market

If you couldn't tell when MTV bought into Rock Band and Activision and Blizzard were smooshed together by Vivendi, you should be aware: the entertainment industry's big sharks are circling gaming's shallow, krill-stuffed waters, mouths agape, jaws at the ready. And boy do they hunger. The latest to express interest in the industry are movie giants Paramount, whose Alex Carloss is both keen on gaming and also not afraid of referring to his own company in the third-person:

Paramount is very, very excited about the growth in the interactive entertainment market. I'm sure you're going to see an awful lot more from Paramount in this space.

I think he actually means we're going to see an awful lot of Paramount's money being thrown at existing developers/publishers. But whatever.
Paramount: We're excited about games [MCV]


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