Paramount Pictures Getting Into Gaming

These days, all those Hollywood types so want to get into gaming. Next up to enter the fray? Movie studio Paramount Pictures! The studio is starting up its own interactive department to finance games and more directly oversee development. While the new upstart is keen on investing in all games, it's especially interested in casual, handheld and mobile games because those types of titles cost only a few million — way cheaper than AAA Xbox 360 and PS3 games! More and more Hollywood types are starting to think that getting involved with games will help ensure quality game adaptation of their films. Says Paramount's Sandi Isaacs:

This gives us a great advantage in the timely evaluation of what's in development and could become good games, as well as working with our talent from the early stages.

Not counting Disney, Paramount is the second film studio behind Warner Bros. to get directly into game publishing. Not entirely convinced that this is a good idea! If Hollywood can't even make good movies, how will it make good games? It won't!
Paramount Getting Into Games [Variety][Pic]


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