PC Gaming's Piracy "Sales" Charts

PC sales charts? Bloody useless. What good are sales charts when every second PC gamer just pirates games for nothing? Exactly. So Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Kieron Gillen has done a little digging through a single day's worth of downloads from BitTorrent site Mininova and come up with some charts that help show what many PC users are actually playing, if not buying.


    also, downloaded doesn't mean playing. I often download a game only to delete it after i've played it for half an hour.

    A pirate copy of CoD 4 will only let you play the single player, which was nothing special imho. It will however show you what the game runs like on your system, so you know whether the game is going to cost your more than you bargained for in hardware upgrades. If you have the system for it, multiplayer is where CoD really shines and requires a purchased copy. However the steam price for Australians has put me off giving any money to the likes of activision.

    Yes... I had to Pirate my copy of Flatout 2.. BUT, you couldnt buy it here, so no option but to copy!
    And no, i didnt want to look on EBay for it!

    The blame for the high level of piracy in general can be placed squarely on two groups:

    1) The publishers: Listen, I'm not an idiot. Most gamers aren't. I don't feel like paying $120 or even $90 for a game that's worth maybe $35. Listen, movie prices are about right, and games cost a hell of a lot less to make than movies. I'm talking about quality AAA games here, too. $35 sounds right to me. Not $120. So if you want people to buy your games, charge about a third of what you're charging now. Orange Box was a step in the right direction, but you still had to shell out a hundred bucks to play anything (at retail). But look at it - It was better than everage value and sold like hotcakes. Furthermore, stop being racist. The US dollar is pretty close to the Australian dollar these days, so doubling game prices for us is NOT COOL. Also, we don't care if you don't think Australia is as profitable as other regions, if we want to play the game, we want it when the rest of the world gets it. Not 3 months later, not half a year later, the same week. Do that, and you'll reduce piracy. If people CAN'T buy games, they won't. Simple.

    2) Lazy people. I'm in a Game Development class and the number of people that expect to make money of this but pirate it all is astonishing. Today I sat in a room of gamers playing the UT2003 demo (the school doesn't advocate piracy) - legitimate, if cheap - and a group of 5 playing pirated DS games. Ok, I played with them, but the game I played WAS owned by the guy who shared it. And I can't always keep track of everything someone might game share or have on a LAN. Their system is their responsibility. The thing is that the PCs were owned by the school, so the students couldn't pirate games onto them (easily), but the DSes were owned by the students, who grabbed R4's or similar devices for 50 bucks, and uploaded some ROMs - they COULD pirate easily.

    The point I'm making is that people will pirate under 2 conditions. The first is when they CAN'T be reasonably expected to get the game legitimately, and the second is when they CAN. Unfortunately, the PC has both of these conditions, which is why it's having such a hard time lately.

    Which means we need to do two things, for PC games especially:

    1) Make games more literally accessible. Get the prices down to a sane region, and get the games o shelves at a reasonable time. If you need to delay a game for quality or production reasons, fine - take the time and do a good job. But delay it everywhere, don't alienate people.

    2) Make the games harder to pirate (like with Steam, which works well). Keep doing what we've been doing, but more strongly - don't make it impossible to pirate - that's impossible. Just make it difficult enough that most people won't bother. You have to be careful about people's rights, and FOR FUCK'S SAKE DON'T make it much more inconvenient than the console version, or people will just buy that - but DO make it difficult IF people ARE trying to pirate. Reward the honest people, punish the pirates.

    Look at Orange Box, people. Look at Orange Box. Make value for money products and everbody wins.

    I don't pirate games, but I know why people do.

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