PC Makers Acer To Enter Games Market?

Unexpected, this. Apparently Acer, makers of desktops and laptop PCs, are poised to enter the games hardware market. No, really. German site Gamestar are reporting that the company's senior vice president, James T. Wong, cited the closed, proprietary nature of consoles as the inspiration for Acer's move, as he announced their plans to create an open-standard, PC-based "games machine". Not much more than that to go on at the moment, so until there's something a little more concrete - and a with a little less "why in God's name would you do that?" - let's call this one a rumour and get on with our days.
Spielekonsole geplant [Gamestar, thanks Jim!]


    This is great news. We need more gaming PCs out there, just as the guy from the PC gaming alliance said.

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