Phoenix Wright Does Not Object To Episodic Gaming

Phoenix Wright is coming back to the PC. And not just coming, but coming in many, many pieces, as it's been announced that the first three GBA titles (which have already seen limited releases on PC in Japan) of the series are to be broken up into a steady stream of episodic titles. The first one lands next week, and will be free (as will the first chapters of the second and third GBA titles), with all remaining chapters costing ¥120 (around $US 1). That's for each chapter: to buy every chapter of a whole Ace Attorney game will cost you about ¥1920 ($US 19). No idea whether, like the DS versions, these will have an English-language track, but I guess we'll find out on March 18 when the first episode's due.
Phoenix Wright trilogy diced into bite size PC morsels [Siliconera]


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