Play-Asia's Late Easter Sale Is Hopped Up On Savings

Mega importer Play-Asia is slashing prices on just about everything with its Easter Egg sale. Everything (not released in the past 30 days) has been reduced 20% or more, with a handful of exceptions. The better news? You don't have to be an Japanese import enthusiast to save, as plenty of Play-Asia's stock is domestic and Asian stuff. That means you can snag deals like Ouendan 2 for $US 24 as well as recent releases like Devil May Cry 4 for well below retail. You could even secure one of those DualShock 3's for a song (read: cheaper than US and AU retail). Yes, you can even get a deal on The [email protected].

Toys, movies, music! Aaaah! This may read like an advertisement, but I promise this is genuine excitement. There's plenty to look at but make sure you make your decision by March 31. Just don't grab my copy of Senko no Ronde and Sega Ages 2500: Galaxy Force II before I get my credit card out. Thanks.

Easter Egg Sale [Play-Asia]


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