Pokemones Are Not Oral Sexy Obsessed, Just Kissing Crazy

Yesterday, we brought word of "Pokemones", the androgynous, public-orgy-havin', Poké-watchin' Chilean youths. Well, according to Newsweek. And what does Newsweek know! It's only Newsweek. Chilean reader Juan writes:


There's have to be some kind of misunderstanding, I'm from Chile (not a pokemon) and I have to say "ponceo" had nothing to do with oral sex. What they do in this parties (thursay or fryday, between 4-5PM to 10-11PM, they are all minorage so they cant be out to late at night, alcohol sell is not allowed) is try to kiss in the mouth (not oral sex, that was a particual case, not even pokemoes involved, only 3 highschool students, 14 or 15 years old) as much different people (of the opposite sex) as they can durring the party.

Bisides, pokemones are not gender-blending nor they costume are related to Pokemones (most of them dont even play videogames, pokemon is known here for the tv animated series) they just are wierd looking.

So I hope that make things much clear and erase the vision of "orgies" with menor age student in my Country, Bye!

Bye not-a-pokemon Juan!


    I know this was reported from another news source, but we really have to be careful. We (gamers) don't want to go saying how terrible it is for 'news' companies to 'report' false information about games, and then go making a big deal out of unrelated, stupid stuff like this, and misreporting it.

    Besides, what did this have to do with games, really? And who cared if some people have orgies? What does that have to do with us?

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