Pooh, Porn and Coleco Vision

Naughty video actresses get excited by things other than sex and money! Take rising star Sasha Grey (who was grilled by Tyra Banks). She's not only into things like punching and puking, but also Coleco Vision! In an interview with Hustler, Sasha says:

Favorite purchase of the past year? A brand new Coleco Vision...it's still in the box.

Hardcore! Pun intended! Hit the jump for the next two questions. If you are easily offended, best not to click over.

Favorite sex act to do in your own time? I like to shit, piss, and get fucked in the ass with my Elmo outfit on.

What kind of scenes would you like to do in the future that you haven't already done? Maybe a scene with 'special people'.

Wowzers. Most shocking of all? She's MySpace friends with shoe-eating German filmmaker Werner Herzog. Go figure!
Interview with Sasha [NSFW Hustler Thanks, Luckypictures!]


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