Pre-order GTA IV, Get GamerPics & Microsoft Points

Pre-order GTA IV, Get GamerPics & Microsoft Points
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Microsoft has announced a special offer for those of us willing to cop the $120 price tag of Grand Theft Auto IV and pre-order the game locally.

Inside each pre-order box will be a code for Xbox Live. The code will give you access to four exclusive GamerPics and 500 Microsoft Points to spend on whatever you like. The announcement notes that the code will only be included by “participating retailers”, so be sure to ask before you make your purchase.

While a nice gesture to Xbox 360 owners, it’s not enough to compensate for the high cost of the game – not that Microsoft has any control over this. More importantly, is it enough to coax you into spending your money in Australia? Let us know.


  • Most definitely not. A few little pictures that I care nothing for and ads nothing to my gaming experience is not worth $60. Nothing they do will coax me in to purchasing the game locally.

    I sent an email to a few people in power regarding importing and exporting tariffs and taxes, asking, in more descriptive terms, why we are being shafted so badly in regards to this. I’ve yet to get a reply from any of them though.

  • Here’s the thing. If you were going to pre-order, the inclusion of some little bonuses is generally not going to be enough to excite you. Either you’re excited enough about a game to pre-order it, in which case you do regardless of what bonuses their are; or you’re not excited and you wait until the game comes out.

    Does this entice me to pre-order? Not really. I don’t have a PS3 or 360. I plan on buying one soon (for this game) but my preorder circumstances aren’t tied to some tiny Microsoft deal.

    And yes, the price still stings. Especially in light of the exchange rate. Once again, we take it in the nether regions.

  • The current Queensland JB catalogue has it advertised for $99.95 for pre-order.

    Not sure if they are aware of the $120 price tag and are undercutting it, or something else.

  • I posted in the other story’s comment string where you can get it for less than $120 locally. Target and Game have it for $99, EB will give you $10 off if you preorder.

    Cos we all know 4 gamer pics ain’t worth it.

  • @Bob

    Agreed. I pre-ordered the Ltd Ed. last year because it’s a game I’m excited for. Having some kinda bonus was never going to persuade me anymore than I already am. Having said that, it does sweeten the deal to receive something extra.

  • If I was gunna get this on PS3 then I would be importing, as Im getting it on 360 it looks like I will just have to “cop it sweet”.

    I know that JB-HI will have it cheaper then $120 and I can only hope it is like Lost Odyssey, which I didnt pre-order and picked up about 2 weeks after release but still had the pre-order bonus included.

    Although the 500 points is a nice inclusion.

  • As i said before, i cant wait the time it would take to import, I am going to preorder it anyway, this is a nice bonus. The pics dont mean much but 500 points is nice, anything for free is nice. Unless you are one of the thousands of people that come on the internet and cry that anything free is not enough. Better than a kick in the nuts, the people responsible for the ridiculous pricing here arent the same people who are here giving us a nice deal.

    Good move by Microsoft, people have been waiting to buy a console for when this game ships, could be enough to persuade someone last minute.

    Also i now have the ability to hassle any ps3 owners i know, ehehehe. if youll excuse me, I need to phone my brother.

  • I’ve had the Collector’s Edition on preorder (and fully paid for) since last bloody year. Now not only has it been gimped to get an M15 rating, they’re throwing in free shit for the bare bones version only. Meh.

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