Prey 2 Concept Art Revealed [Update]

Shack News reports that "IP incubator" Radar Group has published two bits a piece of concept art for the upcoming sequel to sorta lackluster Native American-meets-alien shooter Prey.

The art, Shack News reports, was accompanies by this plot summary:

"This time, abandoned and framed for the disappearance of his family, Tommy escapes an Earth that no longer wants him for a future that cannot survive without him."

Hitting up the Radar Group site, there is no sign of art or text, or anything besides a logo with a link to an email address and neither Human Head nor 3D Realms have the art or summary up either. Shack reports that Prey 2 will be coming to the PC and Xbox 360.

Prey 2 Details, Concept Art Emerge [Shack News]

Update: Someone from Radar Group contacted me to let me know that one of the two bits of art Shack was showing as concept art, the one I posted here, was from the original game, not Prey 2. Word is that official news will be coming next week, perhaps as early as Monday and will include a press release and more art.


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