Professor De Marco and The Curious Cell Phone

While I was lazing about the house working hard yesterday I received a Fed-Ex delivery. Not that this is anything unusual, I get Fed-Ex packages fairly regularly but upon looking at the slip I noticed that there was nothing filled in in the senders area. But it clearly said To: Flynn De Marco - Kotaku so I figured it was some kind of game thing. After getting over my initial fear that it might be the head of Gwyneth Paltrow, I opened it to discover a small Nokia phone. No note, no press release, none of the things that usually accompany such things. So I figured I'd go ahead and plugged it in and left the house for the day. Upon my return I heard an unfamiliar jangling and realised it was the phone informing me that I had a text message. I checked it to discover the following missive.

"Accommodation address secured. Mission Accepted. Standby on March 24 for further instructions. Date of final mission: April 8."

Seeing as none of the other staff members got one, I'm hoping this isn't some sort of bomb sent by a rival blog to take me out, but I must say I'm rather intrigued. Chances are it's for a cell phone game, but I'm crossing my fingers that it's going to be something really cool. Anyone care to speculate?


    Please let it be Tom Clancys ENDWAR :)

    They could have at least sent a Sony Ericcson :)

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