Professor De Marco The Curious Cell Phone: Part 2

You may have read last week about a mysterious cell phone that was sent my way with no return address. A series of text messages informed me that I would hear word on the 24th on my "assignment". I checked in on the phone yesterday evening and sure enough there was another text message, this one slightly more ominous than the first...

A driver has been assigned to escort you to dead drop point. Confirm pick up name for driver. Standby on April 8 at 1700 for pick up.

A driver? At 5pm on April 8? Hmmm. I'm not really one to just get into car sent by a stranger, but I am dedicated to finding out what this is all about. Seeing as I have documented this entire experience for all to see, if I end up dead in a gutter it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who did it. Please just have "He took one for the team" engraved on my tombstone.


    So, you're actually putting all this on here without them paying you? Wow.

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