PS3 Crysis Is 50% New Content?

It's not so tough being a PS3 owner waiting for ports of PC and/or 360 games. Sure, you've gotta wait, but when a game does make the jump, it normally brings with it some free extras. Like Oblivion did. And now Crysis, if the latest issue of PSW is to be believed: won't be a straight conversion of the PC game. We understand PS3 Crysis will be an almost 50% new game, with many of the original games staff taken off PC Crysis months before release to begin to work on Crysis 2 and a port to PS3 that will include aspects of the sequel - but a new structure, environments, weapons and enemies will feature on PS3.

Sounds great for PS3 owners...I guess...but really, that sounds messy. Staff being pulled off the PC version so half a sequel can be put on a console port? Urgh.
Its No Secret(crysis Coming To Ps3) [GameTrailers Forums, via PS3F]


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