PS3 GTAIV More Expensive Than 360 GTAIV (In Britain)

This isn't the first time this has happened, but it's certainly becoming a worrying trend: many British retailers are already pricing the PS3 version of GTAIV higher than the 360 version, despite Rockstar not having yet announced an official rrp. WH Smiths will be selling the PS3 version for £45 and the 360 version for £40, while mega-retailers GAME and GameStation have said they also expect the PS3 version to sell for more. So PS3 owners pay more for the game, while 360 owners get the promise of DLC and free MS points upon pre-order? Oh dear.
PS3 GTA IV more expensive at WHSmiths, Game and GameStation expect similar [VG247]


    why do I get the feeling that maybe because of Blu-Ray, PS3 will have already included the extras the 360 will get through downloads..? Probably isn't the case, but it might explain the rise in price.

    Games are already costing WAY WAY too much to buy in Australian retailers. So allow me to do some real just for Aussie gamers by offering some friendly advice: Get a hold of a credit card and IMPORT.

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